Dog nose sensor lab


Dog nose sensor lab is appearing at Makuhari messe on 4-6 Oct for MEMS sensing and network system Expo. They are going to introduce newly developed sensors! 

Dr. Mihara the president of Dog nose lab is one of my good friend and he had started sensor developing company named Dog nose lab. In contradiction to the name of the company, they are not developing smell detective sensor.

Please visit MEMS sensing network expo to find dog nose’s innovative new sensors.

health and productivity management


April is the starting of new fiscal year in Japan. And it’s good timing for starting something new.

TDC has started the activities for well being.

I released “declaration of Health and productivity management”.

We promised to keep exercising every day. We recognized to be healthy is not only good for ourselves but also for our family and for the company and society.

eat healthy, work healthy, sleep well, play well, keep exercise constantly. that’s what we do for starting.  



MEMS Engineering Forum


TDC is going to participate in MEMS Enginering Forum.

TDC will give a short presentation at the symposium on 26 April.

Former notice about MEF is

Detailed schedule is released on MEF’s official site :


Happy New Year 2017


Happy New Year!

The period ended in 2016 quickly.
When I was a still a student, I felt the time was much longer.
As I get older, time passes so soon…
Personally, I would like to try to treasure every single day in 2017.

Please make it a wonderful year without regret!!

Tohoku innovation seminer “IoT and manufacturing”


TDC is going to have a short lecture at “Tohoku innovation seminer ~IoT and manufacturing.” organized by METI.

I’m going to introduce about TDC’s collaborating activities with university, with enterprises, with foreign companies.




Now TDC is taking part in SEMICON JAPAN at Tokyo big sight.

There is a corner introducing the history of SEMICON JAPAN from 1970s’  to now with pictures, ” SEMICON HISTORICAL PATH”

One of my friends found very tiny TDC at the page of year 2003.

We used to be at the MEMS pavilion of the SEMICON exhibition.

We were reminded of the nostalgic olden days of SEMICON and our long lasting friendship at the PATH.


Can you imagine that my friend found TDC from these picutures?

Let’s welcome international linear collider to Japan! to Tohoku!


TDC  participated in LCWS (Linear collider work shop) in Morioka Japan. 

It was a workshop and symposium for Linear collider and accelerator and particle physics.


We hope to contribute more to this field of technology. I believe TDC’s precise manufacturing technology will be very useful to realize severe regulation of beam focus and to make optical mirrors. 


I bought “Science Hello Kitty” T shirts at there! A part of the proceeds made at sales of this T shirts will be donated to the campaign for inviting ILC to Tohoku Japan.

To know more about ILC, please check the website.

Thank you for dropping by our booth at MRS 2016 Fall Meeting!!


MRS 2016 Fall Meeting was successfully ended.

Thank you for dropping by our booth!!
We are so glad that you were interested in our products.

Especially this year a lot of people seem to be interested in Mirror- polished long foil

If you still need further more information of our  technology, please let us know.
We would appreciate if you could let us keep in touch with you until next time.
We would like to see you again sometime.



I visited JIMTOF  as a part of my study last week.

It is the Japan’s biggest trade show of Machine and Tools. It was so exciting to find so many advanced machines.

IoT and IoE technologies are now the focus of public attention. We could find some Hybrid machines such as machining/additive-manufacturing center controlled by CAD/CAE.  I felt we have already reached the image of future.


TDC is going to appear on

MRS fall meeting at Hyns convention centrer Boston 27 Nov-1 Dec.

Semicon Japan at Tokyo Bigsight 14 Dec-16 Dec.


Precision Roll polishing technology


TDC is going to participate in M-Tech at Tokyo Big sight next week.

Please visit TDC booth at Miyagi prefecture Pavilion to find various precision polished/machined samples.