zygo new view 9000


ZYGO newview 9000 has been newly installed at TDC.


  • ZYGO newview 9000

this machine is capable to inspect surface condition in sub-nano range. 

I believe the installation of this new tool accelerate TDC’s innovation of manufacturing.



TDC is going to have a summer holiday during 10-18 Aug.

Please email (tdc(at)mirror-polish.com ) if you have any inquiry.


now we are having Star festival in our hometown, Miyagi


optical nano gauge C13027-11


I refreshed “equipment list” on TDC’s website.


<Hamamatsu photonics> optical nano gauge is added.

Please get more info abouth this “thickness measurement system” from here -> https://www.hamamatsu.com/us/en/product/type/C13027-12/index.html


cherry blossom


The cherry tree in TDC factory site is in full bloom today.

8 years has passed since the great earthquakes.


On 11 March, We had 8th memorial day of the Great earthquakes attacked Tohoku region.

We’d like to express deepest condolence to the people who suffered by Tsunami and earthquakes.

TDC also had serious damage of our facility at that time. We could recover from the damage soon thanks to support of so many people. I’d like to express deepest appreciation to the support and encouragement from all over the world.

The power of nature is always great. Sometimes we feel we are powerless before nature’s fury. But we learned a lot from our experience. I believe we have to prepare for disaster under usual condition.  No matter how cautious we are, we can never be too cautious.

appeared on the newspaper of Energy and electricity.


TDC was appeared on feature article about regional business on the newspaper of Energy and Electricity. 


nano tech Japan 2019


Thanks for visiting Fine Polish TDC booth at Nano Tech show in Tokyo last week.

It was a fruitful experience that we could have wide variety of discussion with visitors during the show.

For further inquiry about TDC’s technology or business, please contact us from our web form . 

Inquiries from customer for high precision manufacturing always motivate us to develop/ improve our technology. Please feel free to contact TDC anytime.  HERE->  http://mirror-polish.com/en/contact/.

Thanks for visiting TDC booth at SEMICON Japan 2018


Thanks for stopping by at Fine Polish TDC booth in Semicon Japan.

We had fruitful experience during the show. 

Please feel free to contact  tdc anytime if you have further inquiry about precision polishing technology.



TDC’s polishing technology for Modern Art


TDC has collaborated with Yuta Hayakawa creating modern art.

This activity has been featured on newspaper Nikkan kogyo Shimbun.

TDC developed only-one technology of polishing thin foil in long length.

This technology has been used for mold for graphene growth process, hydrogen filter, substrate for flexible devices and so on.

I have never anticipated the usage of art work until this time. I feel it is a kind of serendipity.


We polished stainless foil shiny, but it seems like transparent by effect of angle and magic of the artist.  

nikkei monodukuri forum


Last week TDC exhibited our precision polishing technology at  Nikkei monodukuri(manufacturing) forum in Tokyo.

We displayed our mirror polished sample which is used in aerospace project “Hayabusa 2”

Please find that we could polish inside of case. We can realize good flatness of bottom surface, too.