nikkei monodukuri forum


Last week TDC exhibited our precision polishing technology at  Nikkei monodukuri(manufacturing) forum in Tokyo.

We displayed our mirror polished sample which is used in aerospace project “Hayabusa 2”

Please find that we could polish inside of case. We can realize good flatness of bottom surface, too.



TDC was appeared on feature article about SLiT-J project.

SLiT-J is a synchrotron facility which is going to be built in Miyagi pref.

for more about SLiT-J please  ->





trillion sensors


TDC is going to attend Symposium for Sensor and micromachines in Sapporo community plaza.

I hope TDC precise manufacturing technology contribute to realize the concept of Trillion sensors universe.

Feel free to contact TDC ( tdc (at) about wafer CMP and other polishing technologies.



entrance ceremony


Today, TDC had entrance ceremony for 6 new staffs.

I issued appointments for them to the posts.  And the new staffs made their resolutions. It was a refreshing opportunity for all of attendees.

It is the starting day of fiscal year 2018, today. Reinforced TDC is going to challenge developing technologies step by step.


nanotech 2018


TDC is going to participate in Nanotech 2018 during 14-16 Feb at Tokyo bigsight.

Please visit us at booth #5D-17.

official site :

snow shovelling


We had heavy snow last night.

We had to shovel tons of snow in front of our office and factory yard.

I could enjoy such heavy labor thanks to many  colleague.


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Symposium of Japan Society of laser microscopy


TDC is going to attend the Sympsium and conference of Japan Society of laser microscopy (JSLM) which is going to be held at Osaka university on 19 Jan 2018.


Since the official website of JSLM is only written in Japanese, Please contact TDC for further information.

TDC “Contact us”

Mail: tdc (at)

oink oink


We are polishing eagerly everyday.

We are polishing eagerly. 今日もせっせと磨いています。

FinePolishTDCさん(@finepolishtdc)がシェアした投稿 –

Maintenance of Precision stage, positioning stage, vacuum chuck and granite plate.


TDC is offering the rework grinding and polishing forPrecision stage, positioning stage, vacuum chuck and granite plate.

We also produce new ones.


Metal, Ceramics, Stone, Quartz etc.


Flatness 0.5-1 micrometer (plate size; from 100×100 to 500×500)

※ Inspection result is attached.
※ Please contact our sales representative to ask a quotation of maintenance or producing a plate.


TDC’s precision technology is uplifted!


TDC precision technology was featured on the presented by Kentaro Yamada.

It is a great honor to be introduced on his website.