About Quality assurance


TDC has been revised information about Quality Assurance on our website


We are always hoping to release sufficient information for customer on our website.

Please feel free to inquire us if you find anything unclear on our technology or service. 

Thank you very much.

Thanks for visiting TDC & ZOZ booth at Nanotech2018


Thanks for visiting us at Nanotech 2018.

TDC and ZOZ company from Germany had joint booth at Nano tech show. .

We had fruitful experience with so many visitors at our booth.

Through these 3 days, I renewed my hope to be a supporting company of Research and Development and business of Nanotech industry.

Please feel free to contact TDC and ZOZ about Precision Manufacturing and Polishing and Milling and Powder technologies.





nanotech 2018


TDC is going to participate in Nanotech 2018 during 14-16 Feb at Tokyo bigsight.

Please visit us at booth #5D-17.

official site : http://www.nanotechexpo.jp/

Thanks for visiting TDC at Automotive world Expo.


Thanks for visiting TDC at Automotive world Expo last week in Tokyo bigsight.

We are very pleased having so many visitors at our booth.


<<Next exhibition schedule>>

TDC is going to appear at NanoTech 2018 at Tokyo bigsight during 14-16 Feb.


I’m anticipating your visit at Nanotech 2018 next month.

Symposium of Japan Society of laser microscopy


TDC is going to attend the Sympsium and conference of Japan Society of laser microscopy (JSLM) which is going to be held at Osaka university on 19 Jan 2018.


Since the official website of JSLM is only written in Japanese, Please contact TDC for further information.


TDC “Contact us” http://mirror-polish.com/en/contact/

Mail: tdc (at) mirror-polish.com

Featured on Nikkei manufacturing magazine Dec 2017


TDC’s activity for developing precise manufacturing is  featured on the article of Nikkei monodukuri magazine and Nikkei technology online.


Maintenance of Precision stage, positioning stage, vacuum chuck and granite plate.


TDC is offering the rework grinding and polishing forPrecision stage, positioning stage, vacuum chuck and granite plate.

We also produce new ones.


Metal, Ceramics, Stone, Quartz etc.


Flatness 0.5-1 micrometer (plate size; from 100×100 to 500×500)

※ Inspection result is attached.
※ Please contact our sales representative to ask a quotation of maintenance or producing a plate.


TDC is now at MRS fall meeting and exhibition in Boston


TDC is now introducing our precision manufacturing /polishing technology at  MRS (Material research society) fall meeting and exhibition in Boston.

Please visit us at the exhibition site.

for further info->http://tdc.strikingly.com/


TDC is going to appear at JSR2018


TDC is going to exhibit TDC’s precison technology at JSR2018
JSR2018 is annual meeting of Japanese synchrotron and radiation research.
You’ll be able to get detailed info about JSR2018 here-> (http://www.jssrr.jp/jsr2018/index.html)


TDC was featured on Newspaper


TDC was introduced on feature article of Nikkei newspaper named “Company with very Good technology” on 31 Oct 2017.

you can magnify picture with click on the image.