I’m proud  to announce that TDC is becoming a member of IVAM.


IVAM is an international microtechnology business network based in Germany.

I’m looking forward to joining this circle of precision technology and I’m thrilled to get new opportunity of another innovative collaboration.


A happy new year


Thank you for all of your help last year.

I wish you a great year!

We are having new year’s holiday and going to start business on 7 Jan.


We will  appear 2 exhibition this January.

Fine process technology expo: https://www.nepconjapan.jp/en-gb/about/exhibits/fine-process-technology-expo.html 


Nano tech 2019:https://www.nanotechexpo.jp/

Your inquiries about precision manufacturing always motivate us to seek more preciseness. Please feel free to contact us at the show or on phone or emails http://mirror-polish.com/en/contact/

I use the kite on TDC’s brochure as symbol of my company to express our mind we would enjoy difficult  technology R&D like against winds.

happy holidays!



Merry Christmas !

TDC is going to have winter holidays during 29 Dec to 6 Jan 2019.

Wishing you a bright and happy New Year!

nano tech 2019


TDC is going to participate in “nano tech 2019” exhibition at Tokyo bigsight from 30 Jan to 1 Feb 2019.

It is the worlds largest nano-tech focused exhibition.  

TDC is going to display super precision polishing technology applied in nano-tech fields at booth: 5D-10


for visitor register, please click the banner below.

Fine process technology Expo 16-18/Jan/2019


TDC is going to exhibit our precision manufacturing technology at Fine Process technology Expo 2019 in Tokyo bigsight during 16-18/Jan/2019.

booth number: E22-28  TDC will join Miyagi prefecture pavilion.  In Miyagi prefecture there is a cluster of many fine processing technologies and companies. Please find your solutions at this show.

click the banner above for “visitor ticket request” on official website. 

Thanks for visiting TDC booth at SEMICON Japan 2018


Thanks for stopping by at Fine Polish TDC booth in Semicon Japan.

We had fruitful experience during the show. 

Please feel free to contact  tdc anytime if you have further inquiry about precision polishing technology.





Today 12 Dec, we are planning Happy Hour at Semicon Japan trade show site.

In Tohoku pavilion we will serve special Sake from Tohoku region.

location: http://www.semiconjapan.org/en/special-features/pavilions

We are looking forward your visit in the afternoon~evening.

TDC’s polishing technology for Modern Art


TDC has collaborated with Yuta Hayakawa creating modern art.

This activity has been featured on newspaper Nikkan kogyo Shimbun.

TDC developed only-one technology of polishing thin foil in long length.

This technology has been used for mold for graphene growth process, hydrogen filter, substrate for flexible devices and so on.

I have never anticipated the usage of art work until this time. I feel it is a kind of serendipity.


We polished stainless foil shiny, but it seems like transparent by effect of angle and magic of the artist.  

Workshop for “Upshift in the Soft X-ray science of Synchrotron radiation”


TDC is going give an invited lecture at Workshop for “Upshift in the Soft X-ray science of Synchrotron radiation”.

It will be held at the institute of solid state physics the University of Tokyo during 30/NOV – 1/DEC 




TDC was appeared on feature article about SLiT-J project.

SLiT-J is a synchrotron facility which is going to be built in Miyagi pref.

for more about SLiT-J please  ->http://www.slitj.tagen.tohoku.ac.jp/oldHP/about.html