zygo new view 9000


ZYGO newview 9000 has been newly installed at TDC.


  • ZYGO newview 9000

this machine is capable to inspect surface condition in sub-nano range. 

I believe the installation of this new tool accelerate TDC’s innovation of manufacturing.

IVAM blog


I’m please to inform you that the introduction of TDC is added on IVAM microtechnology network blog.

Please check here-> https://ivam.de/blog

appeared on the newspaper of Energy and electricity.


TDC was appeared on feature article about regional business on the newspaper of Energy and Electricity. 


Tribology fusion research consortium “International symposium”


International symposium organized by Tribology fusion research consortium will be held at Sendai International conference center on 20-21 Feb.


This symposium will deal with broad topics in fusion research for a sustainable society. Keynote speakers are internationally recognized scientists who have been involved in various industry-academic collaborations, and creation of new technologies and venture companies.

In the poster session, Tri-F member companies and others will display their successful collaboration with university and their core technologies.

This session will provide participants with opportunities to find links for future collaborators and businesses.

TDC’s polishing technology for Modern Art


TDC has collaborated with Yuta Hayakawa creating modern art.

This activity has been featured on newspaper Nikkan kogyo Shimbun.

TDC developed only-one technology of polishing thin foil in long length.

This technology has been used for mold for graphene growth process, hydrogen filter, substrate for flexible devices and so on.

I have never anticipated the usage of art work until this time. I feel it is a kind of serendipity.


We polished stainless foil shiny, but it seems like transparent by effect of angle and magic of the artist.  

Workshop for “Upshift in the Soft X-ray science of Synchrotron radiation”


TDC is going give an invited lecture at Workshop for “Upshift in the Soft X-ray science of Synchrotron radiation”.

It will be held at the institute of solid state physics the University of Tokyo during 30/NOV – 1/DEC 




TDC was appeared on feature article about SLiT-J project.

SLiT-J is a synchrotron facility which is going to be built in Miyagi pref.

for more about SLiT-J please  ->http://www.slitj.tagen.tohoku.ac.jp/oldHP/about.html





announcement of new R&D project regarding new planeryzation technology


TDC is starting new R&D project regarding planarizing and smoothing technology of new material in collaboration with Osaka university and AIST. 

This project is granted by JST. (Japan science and technology agency)


announcement of new R&D project regarding MEMS technology


TDC started new R&D project regarding MEMS technology in collaboration with laboratory of prof. Shuji Tanaka, Tohoku University

This project is granted by METI (Ministry of economy, trade and industry).

TDC was featured on Newspaper


TDC was introduced on feature article of Nikkei newspaper named “Company with very Good technology” on 31 Oct 2017.

you can magnify picture with click on the image.