TDC was featured on Newspaper


TDC was introduced on feature article of Nikkei newspaper named “Company with very Good technology” on 31 Oct 2017.

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TDC innovation award


TDC award our staff regularly and it is so called TDC innovation award.

2 of our staff were commended for their remarkable improvement of polishing technology. 

It is internal event of our company. but it is joyful occurrence of us all in TDC.

So I’m happy to release this news here.



Exhibition info

Please visit TDC at M-TECH. 21-23/June.

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short lecture about alliance with CIES (center of integrated electronics systems)


TDC is going to give a short lecture about alliance with CIES (center of integrated electronics systems)

We have developed new technology and products for the engineers in semiconductor industry.

I’m going to introduce abou way of our development at the seminar presented by Miyagi pref. and Tohoku univ.



collaboration with “Tohoku innovative material technology initiative for reconstruction” Ultra-low friction technology area


TDC is developing new technology as collaboration with Kurihara lab from Tohoku university.

Kurihara lab is a core member of “Tohoku innovative material technology initiative for reconstruction” and they are focusing on Ultra-low friction technology area.

The academic approach eg; surface chemistry and nano-surface friction analyzing accelerated TDC to achieve super smooth roughness (sub-angstrom Ra) on SiC wafers.  

We got very successful result from this work frame and I’m going to introduce our newly developed technology at the poster session of the symposium on 19 Jan.

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