Accumulating our unique know-how, we have established the world-class polishing processing techniques in the field of ultra-precise lapping/polishing. TDC offers one-stop shopping for complex parts and components requiring machining, grinding, lapping, and polishingapplied to various shapes and materials.

  • Flexibility to work with our customers from prototypes and R&D to full production.
  • Offering one-stop shopping for all processing such as machining and shaping, lapping, polishing.
  • Applying wide variety of materials from soft resin to hard sapphire.


Metals Stainless Steel / Superalloy / Copper / Titanium / Aluminum / Molybdenum / Tungsten/ Nickel / Tantalum etc.
Ceramics Al2O3 / ZrO2 / SiC / Si3N4 / SiO2, Also Coating and Plating are acceptable.
Crystalline Material BK7/ Crystal/ PYREX/ Quartz / Si/ SiC /GaN/ Sapphire
Resin Engineering Plastics / PEEK/ PMMA /PEFE

Processing Achievement

Thickness Tolerance ±0.1 um
Dimention/Position Accuracy ±0.5 um
Perpendicularity 0.5 um
Parallelism 0.1 um
Flatness 0.1 um
Surface Roughness Ra0.01 um
Straightness 1 um

Processing Facility

Equipment Size Quantity
Production Capability Machining Center 400×200 2
Milling Machine 250×1,000 3
Lathe φ80 2
φ65 1
φ100 1
φ180 1
Flat surface Grinding Machine
(MAX 1500mm)
Nagase 1500×600 1
Okamoto 600×300 1
600×400 1
600×500 1
Sanshin’s Rotary Polishing φ750 2
Slicing Machine Okamoto 420 200×350 3
Okamoto 3G 200×350 2
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