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A happy new year

Thank you for all of your help last year.

I wish you a great year!

We are having new year’s holiday and going to start business on 7 Jan.


We will  appear 2 exhibition this January.

Fine process technology expo: https://www.nepconjapan.jp/en-gb/about/exhibits/fine-process-technology-expo.html 


Nano tech 2019:https://www.nanotechexpo.jp/

Your inquiries about precision manufacturing always motivate us to seek more preciseness. Please feel free to contact us at the show or on phone or emails http://mirror-polish.com/contact/

I use the kite on TDC’s brochure as symbol of my company to express our mind we would enjoy difficult  technology R&D like against winds.

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CEO of TDC corporation.
Please ask me anytime about Polishing/Lapping, Grinding and Cutting.

Hometown: Sendai Miyagi Japan
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