Jean-Baptiste’s NANO flat face model ~ultra flat face of golf club~


We have worked on the club head production of ” NANO flat face ” model from Nishizawa’s golf brand called Jean -Baptiste .

Our unique technology of polishing the face of iron or wedge makes the flatness to be less than 1 micron.

What the most important point to make this flatness is ” the reproducibility of ballistic. ” In order to realize their ideal that the ball fly in always the same direction by typing at the same angle, we worked so hard.

For quality assurance on every single parts, we are doing exactly the same measurement with the precision parts.

1 micron or less of error, for example, is the quality of the level that is used in semiconductor precision parts.

Japanese professional golf player, Saki Okamura also has used these high -quality products on her tour.

Although most of the our customers are in the field of leading edge technology, we would be very happy to work on consumer products with our ultra-precision technology.

Please try and enjoy “NANO flat face” model at Jean-Baptiste’s official shops.

▼Jean-Baptiste’s official website (Japanese only)

▼Jean-Baptiste’s official facebook

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