Category and field of Solution

Our technology is used in various industries, requiring ultra-precise quality.

Our technology is used in many fields for more than 3000 customers such as research institution, universities and Enterprises.
As an example of fields, there are Nanotechnology, MEMS, Micro machine, semiconductor processing equipment, Medical equipment, Optical devices, Pharmaceutical industry, Printing industry, Electronics industry and others.

Nano / Micro technology

Example of use in precise mold, Nano imprinting mold and wafer polishing.

super precise mirror polished rolls for nano imprint molds.
Metrological Inspection Equipments

Our precise Dimensional control technology is used for Measurement equipment and machine tools.

Stone surface plate does not have high wear resistance so it has to be reworked periodically.
TDC reworks on your used surface plate, or we can also produce a new surface plate.
Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

We contributed to cost down and Improvement of the device by manufacturing in high quality.

Use our precise mirror polishing technology to improve the quality for stages.
We will aim for an extreme preciseness in Tolerance, roughness, flatness, parallelism, angle with any material such as metal, ceramics, resin, glass and such.
Automotive Industry

Corresponds to the needs of automotive industry by manufacturing test pieces for R&D, Production of tool and jig.

We create R&D test pieces, tool and jig on request. We can deal with materials such as metal, resin, glass, and semiconductor material.
We can also help you create and improve various prototypes of components in question making use of our polishing techniques.
Electronics Engineering

Useful for electronics fields by polishing crystal materials and wafers.

TDC’s lapping technology not only finishes the surface in high quality roughness, but also can achieve precise flatness and parallelism.
Mold Plate 9in
Flatness 1um, Roughness 2nm
Mold Plate 5in
Flatness 0.5um, Roughness 1nm
Wafers for semiconductor devices

Polishing SiC wafers for Power semiconductor devices, also contributing to the efficiency of new device substrates.

We will polish wafers for development of new device on request.

Aerospace field.

We are capable of manufacturing metal/crystal Reflecting mirrors, and improve the surface condition.

Contribute to the development of technology for MEMS

By mirror polishing the surface, we can realize completely non-scratched surface for creating fine and precise patterns.