ZYGO 18 inch 波長変調タイプ干渉計

ZYGO Laser Interferometers Large Aperture Systems

In April 2021, TDC installed ZYGO’s laser interferometer, which can measure the flatness of as large diameter as 18 inches in order to improve processing accuracy and measurement technology.

This makes it possible to measure flatness with a high accuracy of 10 to 20 nanometers, which is up to 10 times the conventional level. We will keep working hard to realize higher precision manufacturing such as for semiconductor manufacturing equipment parts and optical telescopes.

Please check below for more information about the interferometer. We also introduce ZYGO’s new view 9000 in house , which is ZYGO’s most advanced non-contact benchtop surface profiler.

ZYGO Laser Interferometers 18″ Large Aperture Systems

ZYGO 18 inch 波長変調タイプ干渉計

The large 18-inch interferometer can measure the flatness of a large area with extremely high accuracy.
The quality of transmission flats (TF) for 18″ is λ / 25, and λ / 40 for 16″. The Interferometer is one of the most reliable measuring machines in the world. The temperature of the measurement room can be changed depending on your usage.

System specs of ZYGO Laser Interferometers 18″ Large Aperture Systems

Surface Accuracy λ/25 PVr
Corresponding reflectance 4%-99%
Measurement objects Flat surface, Back side of surface

Superiority of ZYGO Laser Interferometers 18″ Large Aperture Systems

1.Flatness λ/25 PVr

  • Since it is 18inch Ver, it can be fully guaranteed even for wafers over 300mm.
  • The surface accuracy of the 18inch wafer is λ / 25 PVr.
    It is a perfect specification when evaluating high-precision parts at λ / 10 PVr level.
    The surface accuracy of the reference surface of conventional ZYGO interferometers are basically λ / 10, and if the reference surface is λ / 10, parts with the same specifications may remain uncertain.

2.Corresponding reflectance 4% -99%

  • Dynaflect coated TF (sample reflectance 4% -99%) Usually you need to insert an attenuation plate in between when you measure a sample with high reflectance with TF. This may cause deterioration of the accuracy of the TF, but this Dynaflect coated TF can measure samples with high reflectance as they are.
    * Besides, it is λ / 25 accuracy.
ZYGO Verifire MST

3.Verifire MST

  • Measurement Capability:
    Surface form of reflective materials and optics simultaneous, front and back surface form of plane parallel transparent optics, transmitted wavefront, material homogeneity and optical thickness.

    Only the Verifire MST device can accurately measure parallel transparent plates, which enable us to measure thin large glass plates. When measuring a transparent parallel plate with a normal device, noise is generated as shown below.

NewView™ 9000 Optical surface profiler

ZYGO new view 9000 

An advanced non-contact 3D metrology tool for surface applications demanding precise quantitative, topographic, volumetric, and texture characterization.

This is a non-contact evaluation device that can flexibly measure the sub-nano region without damaging the surface. It supports a wide range of surface evaluations, not only for ultra-precision processing such as mirror surfaces, but also for cloudy surfaces and rough surfaces with irregularities, and visualizes and quantifies highly accurate 3D information. We believe that visualization is the first step to achieve further high precision manufacturing. We will aim for even higher accuracy by using this measurement system.

Click here for more information about NewView™ 9000

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