Equipment list

TDC possesses various processing equipment other than lapping machinesas well.
We take order from one piece to mass production.
Feel free to ask us not only for polishing/lapping process, but also for material procurement and machining process.

Processing equipment

  Size Quantity
Lapping Machine(Single Sided)
Mirror Polishing Machine
(Maximum Size ~φ800 mm)
Lapping Machine(Double Sided) 5B~16B
(Maximum Size ~φ250 mm)
CMP Machine φ6~12in mm 3
Surface Grinding Machine Nagase Integrex 1500×600 1
Okamoto 600×300 1
Okamoto 600×400 1
Okamoto 600×500 1
Long Foil Polishing Machine ~W270×M 2
Rotary Polishing Machine Sanshin φ750 2
Slicing Machine Okamoto 420 200×350 3
Okamoto 3G 200×350 2
Production Capability Machining Center 400×200 5
Milling Mmachine 250×1,000 3
Lathe φ80~φ180 5

Clean room facility

Quality and cleanness control in high class clean atmosphere

AIRTECH Clean booth

ISO class 3(particle size; 0.1μm)


Koken Table KOACH T500-F Clean bench(ISO class 1)

Measurement Equipment

In precision manufacturing, it is essential to guarantee product quality using reliable inspection tools.
TDC inspects all products with measurement tools below.

Bruker Dimension Icon AFM
Zygo Newview 9000 Optical surface profiler
Taylor Hobson Talysurf CCI3000, CCI SunStar Non-contact Optical 3D Profiler
Hamamatsu photonics Optical nano gauge C13027 thickness measurement system
Mitutoyo Surftest SV400, SJ400 Contact Surface Roughness Tester
Mizojiri Laser Interferomete,
FT-200U, FT-100U, FT-75U
Flatness Measuring Instrument
Taylor Hobson Talylondl 395 High Accuracy Gage
Mitutoyo Ultra High Accuracy CNC CMM LEGEX9106 High Accuracy High-speed driving 3D- co-ordinate Measuring Machines
Mitutoyo Ultra High Accuracy CNC CMM CRYSTA-Apex High Accuracy 3D- co-ordinate Measuring Machines
Mitutoyo Universal Measuring Microscope MF-UB2010D
Mitutoyo Laser Hologage LGH0.01
Supre Litematic VL-50AH
High Accuracy Linear Length Measuring Device
Faro Laser Tracker Laser-type Wide Range 3D- co-ordinate Measuring Machines
Taylor Hobson Talyvel 5 Precision Electronic Level
Nicon Toolmaker’s Microscope  
Leica S9  microscope
Vision MANTIS Stereomicroscope  
Mitutoyo Micrometer,Vernier Caliper, Gauge Block  
※ TDC’s measuring instrument is set in 3 rooms which are temperature-controlled (21 +/- 1 degrees and 21 +/- 2 degrees). [Celsius]
  • Universal Measuring Microscope MF-UB2010D
  • Taylor Hobson Talysurf CCI Sunstar
  • Mizojiri Laser Interferometer
  • Ultra High Accuracy CNC CMM CRYSTA-Apex
  • Bruker : Dimension Icon : AFM
  • Roundness measurement:Talyrond395
  • Temperature-controlled room(21±1℃)
  • Ultra High Accuracy CNC CMM LEGEX9106
  • Mitutoyo Supre Litematic VL-50AH
  • Hamamatsu photonics optical nano gauge
  • ZYGO newview 9000


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