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What kind of material can you process?TDC can polish wide range of materials such as Metals, Ceramics, Crystals, Resin. We are also aggressive to polish new materials that are not distributed.
Can you also make the surface Rough?Yes we can make the surface not only mirror-polished but also Rough.
If you want super mirror finish, the uniformity of roughness would be Ra1nm ±5~10% in the face. But if you want rough surface like Ra100nm or 500nm, the uniformity would be rough.
the range of roughness would vary upon material and size. Please contact us about detailed information.

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Is there a size limit?The smallest item we have manufactured is a tiny 0.05mm square dice.
Largest Grinding machine that we have is 600 x 1500 mm, and the largest Lapping machine is about 1 meters dia.
Delivery period Delivery lead time would be determined depends on size, quantity and process.
For your reference ,
If you supply material and want us to polish one surface, the products will be shipped out in one week. If you want us from purchasing material and whole machining process, it will take approximately 2 week.

We usually tell you the supposed delivery period at the same time with quotation.
How much does it cost?The price depends on how much time it takes to manufacture.
Processing time changed by the material, size, quantity, workability, so please send us the drawing for details.
Contact page: http://mirror-polish.com/contact-us/?lang=en
Do you have stocks?Our products are basically “build-to-order” so we do not keep any stocks.
We will purchase the material after receiving an order.

We do have stocks of Spacers (Shims).
These items can be sent on the next day after order.
About TDC’s Spacers: https://mirror-polish.com/spacer/
Is there a weight limit?We can handle weight up to 1.5 tons.
Way of delivery.We often use international courier service like FedEx, DHL, UPS.
Please feel free to ask us to use your most convenient courier.
business areaWe have experienced business with customers all over the world.

Our business language is English and Japanese.
contact personSome of our sales staff are fluent in English. We would be able to have discussion via telephone, skype, and other communication

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Can you Plate / Coat the item?We do not have plating / coating facilities in our factory, but there are some cooperative companies that we ask for the process.

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