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Welcome back home HAYABUSA2 !

We are very thrilled with the news of HAYABUSA 2 ! HAYABUSA 2 completed its sample return mission successfully and they started next journey.
I was nailed on the monitor which streamed the live by JAXA.
It was one of the most delighful news in 2020.
We pay deepest respect to the all professionals in JAXA.
The journey of Hayabusa2 is not yet finished.
Hayabusa2 started next journey to 2001AV43 and 1998KY26. We are anticipating Hayabusa will explore the universe further and deeper.

TDC contributed Hayabusa 2 mission by polishing of container of sample particles..
It is very honor that we could be a very small but important part of this mission.

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CEO of TDC corporation.
Please ask me anytime about Polishing/Lapping, Grinding and Cutting.

Hometown: Sendai Miyagi Japan
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