Customers requirement always motivate TDC to develop higher quality.
TDC is an expert at solving your technological problems through precision manufacturing.

Before giving up for its difficult requirement.
Before giving up for its too high cost.

Is it really impossible?
Isn’t there any other way to achieve the required quality?
Can’t we propose an alternative way to realize your needs?
Why don’t we try before giving up?

TDC will find a way to satisfy your needs.

TDC Mission

Contributing progress of technology through precision manufacturing.

Creating emotion through thorough work.

These are our pride and joy.

For all our sake, we will keep polishing up our skills, keep polishing up our mind and never stop challenging.


  • As a global niche top, we continuously work on technical innovation by responding to the customer’s requests.
    Always be in forefront of precise manufacturing responding to customer needs.
  • Always be in forefront of precise manufacturing and keep moving forward to create customer’s satisfaction.
  • Collaboration~ We will seek for markets and partnerships worldwide.
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