Polishing/Lapping (Lapping/Polishing/CMP)

TDC’s ultra precise lapping/polishing technology enables us to realize high precision manufacturing.

We deal with wide range of materials such as Metals/Ceramics/ Crystals/ Resin.

We can achieve not only Roughness but also every required precisions such as Parallelism 100nm, Flatness 30nm, tolerance +/-100 nm, Angle +/- 3 sec, Roundness 50nm and others.

We realize surface roughness of Ra1nm / Ra4nm on any kinds of shapes including curved surface and inner/outer cylinder.

We are engaged in high-tech industries of various fields such as Nanotechnology / Inspection and Measurement/ Semiconductor Manufacturing equipment/ Automotive industry/ Electronics engineering / Alternative energy/ Aerospace/ MEMS

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MetalsStainless Steel / Superalloy / Copper / Titanium / Aluminum / Molybdenum / Tungsten/ Nickel / Tantalum etc.
CeramicsAl2O3 / ZrO2 / SiC / Si3N4 / SiO2, Also Coating and Plating are acceptable.
Crystalline MaterialBK7/ Crystal/ PYREX/ Quartz / Si/ SiC /GaN/ Sapphire/LiTaO3/LiNbO3/
ResinEngineering Plastics / PEEK/ PMMA /PEFE

Processing Achievement


 PolishingLapping with GC
Flatness0.1um1 um
Roughness(Ra)0.001um(1 nm)Pearskin Finish/ Frost

What is “Precise Mirror Polishing”?

TDC uses a “lapping machine”, in which both workpiece and surface plate turns.
As the process progresses, we change the Abrasive (slurry) to smaller grains.

We achieve the world’s highest level of roughness, parallelism, Flatness, Tolerances with our micro level Precise Mirror Polishing.

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