Precise Mirror Polish Surface on Roll and Shaft

Precise Mirror Polish Surface
on Roll and Shaft

Applicable to Nanoimprints and high function films
Polishing cylinders completely eliminating scratches and frosts

Precise Mirror Polishing on Cylindrical Surface

TDC’s technics are capable of maintaining accuracy of size and shape at the same time as achieving nano level of surface roughness.
TDC realizes nano level surface roughness on many kind of materials stainless steel, nickel,glass, titanium, pure aluminum.

Why Super Precise Mirror Polish Surface Roll ?

Do you have problems with damage and noise on the surface of a printing roll before fine and precise patterning is applied?
Recent research and development of high-performance films have contributed to the development of finer patterns.
Finer patterns brought about a new problem ofincreased NGs, subtle damage or noise which used to be ignored are now frequently being unaccepted.
Although cylindrical grinding process also achieves mirror surface,it does not satisfy the requirement for a perfect surface without any damage and noise.
TDC developed a brand new machine in house which realizes a perfect surface without any damages, noises or frosted marks.


  • ●A brand new machine for precise mirror surface developed in house
  • ●Ra1 nm Rz10nm (in case of SUS304)
  • ●Outer diameter φ500㎜ max. Length L=3,000 m max.
    Measurement data of surface roughness (SUS304)
Example<Polishing outer diameter>
Size: φ100mmxL200mm
Material :Stainless Steel 304
Outer Size tolerance :±2.5um
*Final accuracy is subject to the materials and the accuracy of primary process.


Feature of Super Precise Roll’s Process
Materials Stainless Steel, Nickel, Aluminum, Titanium, Quartz Glass, Cemented Carbide,
Surface Coatings(Nickel Plating, Hard Chrome Plating)
Outer Diameter Max : 500mm
Length Max : 3,000mm
Surface Roughness Ra1nm、Rz10nm
Accuracy Guaranteed Scratch free, Mirror finish, Size Tolerance, Cylindricity, Coaxiality
Application Mold for Films, Mold for Nano-in-print


Stainless Steel / Titanium / Aluminum / Glasses
Surface with coating such as Ni, Cr, HCr are also acceptable.

Stainless steel roll. Mirror polished product.
Available from one piece to mass production.
Maximum length is 3,000 mm.

Processing Achievement

Outer surface roughness Ra1nm, Rz10nm (SUS304, glass etc.)

Less than Ra 0.010μm is available on aluminum surface.

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