Dimension Icon

Bruker “Dimension Icon”

This page will explain about Taylor Hobson’s “Dimension Icon” used in TDC.

What is Dimension Icon

“Dimension Icon” is a high-performance atomic force microscope (AFM) for large samples manufactured by Bruker.

Features of Dimension Icon

AFM (Atomic Force Microscope) is a type of scanning probe microscope that scans a fine probe on the surface of a membrane and converts the force acting between the surface of the sample and the atoms of the probe into an electrical signal. Observe the shape of the surface. It is a method for measuring nanoscale uneven shape in three dimensions, and can measure a wide range of samples from insulators to soft organic substances such as metals, semiconductors, and oxides.

Specification of Dimension Icon

It is an AFM (atomic force microscope) that meets all the needs of large sample measurement, high resolution, operability, multi-functionality, and expandability, and far surpasses conventional products. Equipped with an ultra-low noise and low drift closed loop scanner. Furthermore, it is an epoch-making AFM that can be equipped with PeakForce QNM, which is a ScanAsyst function that enables one-push operation by the new PeakForce Tapping technology and a quantitative mechanical characteristic mapping function.

reference : https://www.bruker-nano.jp/20200312154845

Bruker Corporation

Bruker is a company that started the development of the first NMR spectrometer from the manufacture of experimental magnets and power supplies, and was established in 1960. Based in Billerica, Massachusetts, USA, we are developing world-leading analytical instruments.

“Dimension Icon” used in TDC

At TDC, surface roughness measurement data is attached using the Dimension Icon (AFM).

We mainly measure thin and flat substrates such as wafers and test pieces. In addition, we have a track record of measuring diamond mirror substrates and test pieces for joined parts.
We also accept requests for measurement only, so please feel free to contact TDC.

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