Mitutoyo measuring instrument used in TDC

TDC has the following Mitutoyo measuring instruments.

Mitutoyo measuring instrument used in TDC

Model Spec
Ultra High Accuracy

High Accuracy High-speed driving 3D- co-ordinate Measuring Machines


Ultra High Accuracy

High Accuracy 3D- co-ordinate Measuring Machines



Measuring Microscope


Surftest SJ400 Contact Surface Roughness Tester

We also use micrometer, digital indicator, caliper, gauge block, etc.

For other measuring instruments used in TDC, please check the “Measurement Equipment” page.

Ultra High Accuracy CNC CMM LEGEX9106

Main features

  • The LEGEX series is an ultra-high-precision CNC coordinate measuring machine that boasts the world’s highest level of accuracy by thoroughly analyzing and eliminating error factors.
  • The base of the main body is made of carefully selected materials and uses a sealed structure to achieve high rigidity and high damping. In addition, stress analysis using FEM structural analysis simulation is thoroughly performed to guarantee geometric motion accuracy that minimizes deformation due to load fluctuations. In addition, we have introduced a number of technologies to achieve ultra-high accuracy, such as the structure of the drive unit and vibration countermeasures.
  • The length measuring unit for position detection is equipped with an ultra-high-precision length-measuring unit (manufactured in-house) that combines an ultra-high-precision crystallized glass scale with a coefficient of thermal expansion of ≒ 0 and a high-resolution high-performance reflective linear encoder. , Has extremely high position detection capability and enables ultra-high precision machine control.
  • The installation environment of the ultra-high precision machine required a constant temperature room class, but the temperature compensation function makes it possible to guarantee accuracy in a wide range of temperature environments.
Model LEGEX9106
Minimum display amount(mm) 0.00001
range of measurement X(mm) 900
range of measurement Y(mm) 1000
range of measurement Z(mm) 600

Drive speed CNC mode
Maximum synthesis speed (AUTO)(mm/s)

Guidance method (each axis) Air bearing
Length measuring unit Linear encoder
Maximum height of the object to be measured (mm) 850
Body specifications Pneumatic(MPa) 0.5
Body air consumption(L/min) 120L/min(160L / min or more as an air source)
Measurement table material cast iron
Measurement table size (paraboloid)(mm) 950×1050
Maximum loading mass of the measured object (kg) 800
Others Length measurement error (um): E0, EPM = 0.28 + L / 1000 ~
(When using MPP310Q)
L = Arbitrary measurement length (unit: mm)

It is used to measure flatness, parallelism, various dimensions, etc. according to the specifications.

We also accept requests for measurement only, so please feel free to contact us.

Ultra High Accuracy CNC CMM CRYSTA-Apex S7106

Model Crysta-Apex C7160
Measurement range X 705mm、Y 1,005mm、Z 605mm
Minimum display amount 0.0001mm(0.1 um)
Measurement object Maximum height 800 mm Maximum mass 1,000 kg
Drive speed CNC mode
Maximum combined speed (AUTO) (mm / s)
Guidance method (each axis) Air bearing
Maximum measurement speed 8mm/s

Used as a general-purpose machine. It is used to measure flatness, parallelism, various dimensions, etc. according to the specifications.

We also accept requests for measurement only, so please feel free to contact us.


Main features

  • A versatile model capable of various observation methods
  • Equipped with a manual stage that realizes intuitive alignment, and a quick release function that allows you to switch between coarse and fine movement operations without checking your hand. It does not take time to prepare for measurement.
  • The plan apochromat lens, which corrects chromatic aberration that causes bleeding as well as long working distance with high workability, provides a clean observation image with excellent color reproducibility.
  • In addition to brightfield observation, which is a general magnified image, various observation methods such as darkfield observation, simple polarization observation, and differential interference contrast observation can be selected according to the application.
Model MF-UB2010D
Minimum display amount(µm) 0.1,0.5,1
Observatory lens barrel Standard accessory: Tilting lens barrel
Standard attachment: Camera port (Observation: Camera = 50:50 fixed)
Standard attachment: Reticle (chain line cross line width 5µm)
Options: Various reticle
Observation part Observation image Upright statue
Observation unit Observation method Bright field
Eyepiece magnification 10
Stage measurement range(mm) 200×100
Measurement accuracy (at 20 ° C with no load)(µm) (2.2 + 0.02L) L: Measurement length (mm)
Observatory viewing angle(°) 30
Stage maximum load capacity(kg) 10
Stage feed mechanism Manual quick release mechanism (built-in zero set switch)
Z-axis maximum object height(mm) 150
Z-axis feed mechanism

Manual left and right handles
(Coarse movement: 30 mm / rotation, fine movement: 0.2 mm / rotation)

Output method RS-232C output, USB output for image unit

Dimensions For lighting equipment
control unit(mm)

External dimensions(mm) 624×745×667
mass(kg) 75
Maximum power consumption(W) LED specifications: 55
Halogen specifications: 190 (vertical epi-illumination 12V, 100)
240 (vertical epi-illumination 15V, 150)

It is used when measuring precise dimensions such as the above angles and dimensions.

Surftest SJ400 Contact Surface Roughness Tester

Measurement range 800、80、8μm
Minimum resolution 0.0125
Power-supply voltage AC100V

A pointed diamond needle called a stylus measures surface roughness by directly tracing the sample, and is widely used for surface roughness measurement. Since it will be scratched, it is mainly used for rough surfaces that are not mirror surfaces.

What kind of company is Mitutoyo?

Mitutoyo is a comprehensive manufacturer of precision measuring instruments, founded in 1934 and headquartered in Takatsu, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture. The market share of micrometer in Japan is about 90%, and it has a high market share outside Japan. Currently, we have offices in 31 countries around the world and are expanding our business all over the world.

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