SiC wafer

SiC wafer

Future power device material,
Realize ultimate surface roughness and TTV in short time with low cost

TDC’s unique polishing technology of SiC wafers

TDC and IMRAM (institute of multidisciplinary Research for advanced materials) Tohoku university have been developing an innovative technology for SiC (silicon carbide) wafers.

Why TDC developed SiC polishing technology?

SiC is an outstanding material for next generation power devices, but for its stableness and hardness, the process cost is non-negligible problem. Therefore TDC started joint development of polishing technology for SiC wafer with IMRAM, Tohoku univ and AIST.
We have been achieving superior quality (roughness and TTV) with short process time and low-cost.

Specification of TDC’s SiC wafer

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