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What is spacers/shim(Feeler Gauge)

TDC’s Shims, Spacers, Whashers

TDC’s Shims, Spacers, Whashers/Why TDC’s Spacer?

  • Precision
    TDC supplies shims with tolerance of thickness ±0.5μm or ±1μm in compliance with the customers’ requirements.
  • Low Cost
    TDC provide a shim from one piece as par the below price list.
  • Prompt Delivery
    TDC standard type shims can be shipped on the day of your order if stocks are available.
  • Convenience
    We also accept materials and shapes different from TDC standard shim on request.

TDC’s super precision shims, spacers, washers without dispersion in thickness lead to high assembly precision and realize the reproducibility and reliability of assembly.

They reduce looseness even after long-term use.

We provide shims for M2 to M8 as TDC standard shim. (Please refer to the price list below)

You can purchase from one piece at

Processing Achievement

Price List (TDC Standard Shim) ※ Please refer to the above drawing about each size.

Type Size a(mm) Size b(mm) ±1um (Japanese Yen)
※Excluding Tax
±0.5um (Japanese Yen)
※Excluding Tax
For M2, M3 3.3 6.5 400/PCE 600/PCE
For M4  4.5 8 460 /PCE 690/PCE
For M5 5.5 10 550/PCE 830/PCE
For M6 6.5 12 650/PCE 980/PCE
For M8 8.5 16 850/PCE 1,280/PCE

TDC can provide not only TDC standard shim as per the above drawing but also shims in any other shapes, size and quantity on request.
Please contact our sales staff for quotation.

Thickness Size t(um)


※TDC provide a shim from one piece.
※The prices do not include any transportation charge.
※The price do not include any tax.

TDC can provide not only TDC standard shim as per the above drawing but also shims in any other shapes, size and quantity on request.
Please contact our sales staff for quotation.

TDC Super Precision Shim

Material SUS304
Thickness Tolerance ±1μm(0.001mm), ±0.5μm(0.0005mm)
Measurement Equipment Mitutoyo Micro Meter

Precise adjustment is available for assembling of precision equipment, mold and jig.
TDC can provide not only TDC standard shim as per the below drawing but also any other shapes like washer or square.

TDC can provide not only TDC standard shim but also shims in any other shapes and sizes on request.
Please feel free to contact us.

Feel free to contact us for any inquires.

Special order/made-to-order spacer

TDC also manufactures custom and made-to-order spacers/shims.

If you have any questions about the material, thickness, or desired thickness, please feel free to contact TDC.

Production example of custom-made spacers;

Material: SUS304

Plate thickness tolerance: +/- 0.5um

Size: Large (outer diameter 25mm, inner diameter 15mm, thickness 0.01mm), small (outer diameter 10mm, inner diameter 8mm, thickness 15um)

What is spacer?

A spacer is an instrument used to create a space between parts. It is an indispensable part for the manufacturing industry, such as eliminating rattling in precision equipment assemblies and making high-precision fine adjustments.

Select materials such as metal and resin according to the purpose such as insulation, heat resistance, and wear resistance.

Familiar examples of use include battery spacers that can be resized from AAA batteries to AA batteries, and beads for pendant head charms.

There are also many types. In the manufacturing industry, there are “screw spacers” that function as both screws and spacers, and cylindrical “pipe spacers” that have no internal threads. Also, “shim spacers” are often used to help fine-tune the height of machines and the spacing between parts.

Features of the spacer

Spacers are characterized by being processed and manufactured from materials such as metals and resins according to various purposes such as insulation, heat resistance, and wear resistance.

In addition, there are a wide variety of types due to its wide range of applications. Shims and spacers, which are useful for fine-tuning the spacing between sheath parts, are often used.

Uses of spacers

Spacers are used in various industries such as vehicles such as automobiles, railways, vehicles, and aircraft, industrial machinery such as machine tools and compressors, heavy and chemical industries, electronic and electrical equipment, medical equipment, and food equipment. It becomes an indispensable part of the equipment.

It is also used in familiar places such as precision equipment such as personal computers and as a cushioning material for accessories.

Type of spacer

As mentioned above, there are various types of spacers, such as battery spacers that can change the size from AAA to AA batteries, beads for pendant head charms, etc.

screw spacer

A screw spacer is a spacer that functions as both a screw and a spacer. It has a structure in which screw parts and screw holes are attached to both ends of a cylindrical, square, or polygonal prism-shaped spacer.

Metals such as iron, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, and brass are often used as materials, but there are also screw spacers made of Duracon, nylon, FRP, and plastic.

It is one of the spacers used in a wide range of applications, such as preventing contact between the board and the housing, and fixing by sandwiching the screw spacer when fastening parts as an alternative to normal screws.


It is generally used to prevent screws from sinking into the base material and to prevent screws and nuts from loosening, but it also functions as a spacer in cases where high precision is not required.

By sandwiching a washer between parts, it is possible to easily create a gap between the parts corresponding to the thickness of the washer, and by combining it with a screw spacer, it can also be used for fine adjustment of the space.

Hollow spacer (pipe spacer)

Hollow spacers, also known as pipe spacers, are hollow cylindrical spacers with no internal threads.

It is generally used for moving parts and rotating parts such as rotating machine shafts.

In addition, it can be used as a substitute for screw spacers for long and short sizes that cannot be handled with off-the-shelf screw spacers.

Metals such as iron, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, and brass are mainly used as materials. Depending on the application, hollow spacers made of resin, ceramic, rubber, paper, etc. are also manufactured.

shim spacer

Shim spacers are often used to determine the maximum and minimum values when the gap dimension changes, or when high precision and functionality are required for the gap dimension, rather than creating a gap. .

In some cases, it is temporarily clamped and adjusted, and then removed after being fixed, and it is not uncommon to use it as it is.

Depending on the shape of the part to be adjusted, the following shim spacers are used.

  • Shim ring (Ring type shim spacer)
  • C type shim spacer
  • Shim plate (plate type shim spacer)
  • U-shaped shim spacer

As the name suggests, each is a hoop/ring type, C-shaped, plate-shaped, and U-shaped spacer/shim. It is a part that adjusts height and gap deviations that occur during machine processing and assembly.

Ring and C-shapes are mainly used for circular, cylindrical and pipe-shaped parts.

On the other hand, the plate type is used when the ring type and C type cannot be used, and can be said to be the most versatile shim spacer.

wheel spacer

A wheel spacer is a disk-shaped spacer that is installed between the hub and wheel of a car.

By sandwiching the wheel spacer, the wheel is offset to the outside of the car body by that amount, so it can be installed when you want to align the surface of the car body and the wheel surface.

It is generally made of aluminum alloy because strength and lightness are required, but in the case of racing cars that require strength, materials such as duralumin and super duralumin are also used.

What is shim?

Shim means a small object or piece of material used between two parts of something to make them fit together, or to prevent them rubbing against each other. It generally refers to a thin piece of 1.0 um.

No matter how accurate the assembly is, the mounting surface of the parts may not be surface-cut, or the dimensions may be out of order due to the effects of cumulative tolerances, so delicate adjustments may be required. By adjusting the tilt and position of the parts assembled in this way, it is used for precision adjustment to finish with higher precision.

Generally, stainless steel with excellent corrosion resistance, high-strength iron, and easy-to-process brass are used as materials.

Regarding the shape, there are highly versatile “shim plate” and highly reproducible “shim ring”, and the thickness can be adjustable according to customer’s needs.

TDC is the best for Spacer/Shim (Feeler Gauge)

TDC Co., Ltd. can deliver according to the desired delivery date, and has accumulated unique technological development and know-how in processing, and can handle many kinds of shapes.

Please feel free to contact us for any concerns and inquiries regarding spacers / shims (feeler gauges).

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Feel free to contact us for any inquires.

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