TDC Corporation

TDC is developing original technology and unique know-how to enable establishing the world-class polishing processing in the field of ultra-precise lapping/polishing.

TDC offers one-stop shopping for complex parts and components requiring machining, grinding, lapping, and polishing, which apply various types of shapes and materials.

precision polishing technology

Precision polishing technology

TDC’s ultra-precise mirror polishing can achieve a surface roughness of Ra1nm on wide range of materials.

Machining, Cutting, Grinding

Not only with lapping/ polishing technology, but also our highly experienced and skilled process technicians in in precision machining, shaping, and grinding of all materials help you to solve your problem.

Precision polishing technology for cylindrical surface

We achieve single-Nano level of surface roughness while keeping size and shape accuracy.

Polishing technology for very thin metal foil

We produce mirror-polished long coil with single-Nano level of Ra as long as 100meter.

Quality assurance

Our world-class measurement environment and evaluation technology enable us to give you quality assurance of your high spec products.


Equipment list

TDC possesses various equipment centered other than lapping machines to realize high quality.

TDC Corporation
24-15 aza chojamae iidoi Rifucho Miyagigun Miyagi 981-0113 Japan
TEL +81-22-356-3131 FAX +81-22-356-3578

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