TDC’s Ultra High-Precision Mirror Polishing & Lapping Technology

Uncompromising Precision,
Inspiring Solutions

At TDC, we are dedicated to utilizing our ultra-precise machining technology to deliver solutions for the diverse challenges of our customers.
We strive to build trust with each client, persistently opening up new vista in the process technologies.

About TDCAbout TDC

TDC solves all precision machining issues with its unique technology and know-how

TDC has established the world’s highest level polishing processing technology in the field of ultra-precision lapping and ultra-precision polishing by developing its own technology and accumulating know-how. We are good at achieving complex accuracy from achieving individual accuracy. We can polish not only flat surfaces but also curved or spherical surfaces and inner and/or outer surfaces of cylindrical forms and other geometrical shapes as required by customers.



Here is a brief introdution of TDC Corpotration’s precise machining technologies.