Message from CEOs

Never say never. Always be innovative.

For the 70 years since our foundation, we have been striving for high quality manufacturing in Miyagi.

Currently, our works are related to diverse frontier realms, such as super precise manufacturing and quality assurance, realized through our polishing, grinding, and cutting technologies. We deal with more than 4,000 clients domestically and internationally, receiving commissions about machining and technology development in areas ranging from industries, such as semiconductor, electronic devices, and automobile, to research institutions.

With the slogan of “never say never” in response to our clients’ technological challenges, we are striving for the advancement of our technologies and the development of new technologies. We strongly feel that solving technological challenges one by one not only contributes to our clients and society but also leads to our own growth.

With our motto of “contributing frontier technologies with precise manufacturing” and “creating amazement through meticulous workmanship,” we continue our endeavor to nurture ourselves to be even better engineers.

We greatly appreciate your continued support.

TDC Corporation
Ryoya Akabane, Chairman CEO
Yuko Akabane, President CEO