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We respond quickly from our 4 offices, head office in Miyagi, Tokyo sales office, Osaka sales office and Europe office.
Please feel free to contact us.

Head office and Factory

24-15 chojamae iidoi Rifu-cho Miyagi 981-0113 JAPAN

Osaka Sales Office

503 9-12 hiroshibacho suita-shi Osaka 564-0052 JAPAN

Europe Office

Japan Europe Exploration Branch Olpe Maltoz-Strasse
D-57482 Wenden NRW Germany

Collaboration with Universities

We are actively engaged in joint research and industry-academia-government collaboration with universities and research institutes.

Tohoku University Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for advanced material Kurihara Laboratory

Kurihara laboratory, institute of multidisciplinary research for advanced materials, (IMRAM) Tohoku university.
In Kurihara Lab, we have been exploring the research field of surface forces to develop this technique as a unique tool in material science. Our researches concern interactions between biological molecules, polyelectrolytes, confined liquids as well as novel instrumentation.
Kurihara lab is contributing industry through corporative activities with local enterprises.

Tohoku University Center for Innovative Integrated Electronic System


Center of innovative integrated electronic system (CIES), Tohoku university CIES consortium consists of following three pillars: wide-range of industry academic joint research under the collaboration with world top-class domestic and international companies; major national projects in advanced research areas as a platform for industrialization; community-based cooperation projects aiming at wide-range of industrialization. Based on these three activities, we have promoted (1) R&D in the field of Information Technologies (IT) including electronic device components such as next generation memories, high performance board and package technologies, image processing and so on to realize low power consumption, (2) R&D in the field of car-electronics including electronic automotive components to realize innovative power management and low loss power supply.

Jichi Medical University Center for Molecular Medicine Nishimura Laboratory

自治医科大学 西村智研究室ロゴイメージ

Nishimura lab apply ‘in vivo imaging’ technique to living animals to elucidate the cellular and molecular mechanisms of adult common diseases. We utilize non-linear optics including two photon microscope, and visualize the moment of diseases onset.

Nishimura lab and TDC are having joint R&D project of creating new tools for biological observation.

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