Precision lapping service / ultra precision lapping service

Here is some basic knowledge about precision polishing technology and some applications for our service.

What is the difference between “precision polishing service” and “ultra-precision polishing service”?

The processing that requires high-precision lapping technology is basically divided into two types “precision polishing” and “ultra-precision polishing”.
In general, “precision polishing” means the polishing method that can achieve microscale processing accuracy of up to 1/1000 mm.
On the other hand, “ultra-precision polishing” refers to the method which can achieve nanoscale processing accuracy of up to 1/1000 um.


What is precision polishing service?

Precision polishing is generally defined as “polishing in micron units”, and it is manufacturing that requires how precisely an arbitrary shape can be machined using various tools and machines.

It is a delicate work that requires accuracy in units of several microns to several dozens of microns, and engineers needs high-level skills to choose the most applicable
processing method such as polishing, grinding, and cutting method and machines to meet customers needs.
Wide range of materials are available.

What is ultra-precision polishing service?

“Ultra-precise polishing” means a polishing method that can achieve accuracy at the nanoscale of 1/1000 um, which is one step further than precise polishing. Because of that, it is a one of most difficult polishing method to carry out unless all conditions are met, such as a measurement tools with strictly temperature controlled environment and the applicable use of special tools and equipment.

Ultra-precision polishing generally covers the processing of precision machine parts and optical parts such as semiconductor wafers and lenses for cameras, however TDC can accept any request.

TDC’s ultra-precision polishing

In our precision polishing process, we use a surface grinding machine and a lapping machine. We have received many requests to improve the flatness and parallelism of precision stages and tables used in semiconductor manufacturing equipment and precision measuring machines. By our ultra-precision polishing, we simultaneously achieve two or more geometrical tolerances such as flatness, parallelism, dimensional tolerance, surface roughness, and squareness on the nano-order. In addition to lapping and polishing machines, we use special equipment and jigs and tools developed by our company. They are used as semiconductor manufacturing equipment parts and optical parts that require the ultimate in high precision.

We handle ceramics, metals, and glasses, stone surface plates as well, in such processing.

Feel free to contact us for any inquires.

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