Solutions for precision machining in electronic components

We will introduce precision machining solutions in the field of electronic components provided by TDC

What are electronic components?


To summarize briefly, the parts used in electronic circuits are called electronic parts.

Semiconductors and sensors are the main examples of electronic components, and they are indispensable components for PCs, smartphones, home appliances, etc. which are indispensable in our daily lives.

Roles and types of electronic components

The roles of electronic components and semiconductors can be broadly divided into “active components”, “passive components” and “mechanical components”.

■ Active parts
This is the part that controls the input and output of electric power and outputs specific electric power such as transistors, ICs, and diodes.

■ Passive parts
It is a component that controls power consumption, release, and storage, and controls capacitors and coils.

■ Mechanical parts
It plays the role of so-called electric traffic control such as switches and connectors.

Even if it is called an electronic component, you can see that each component is responsible for the frame allocation individually.

Electronic component solution of TDC


TDC’s polishing technology is not only good at finishing to a mirror surface, but also performing complex processing such as controlling flatness and parallelism in the ultra-precision area, and the technology is used for light guide plates that requires high precision.

Specifically, we have a track record of producing sensor chips, sensor heads, sensor probes, crystal materials, and wafer polishing.

Wafer polishing size is able to φ8 inches.

Commitment to electronic component solutions

In addition to being able to handle mass production in large lots, it is possible to realize highly reproducible parts processing with high accuracy even in large quantities, and to provide it at a low price.

Please feel free to contact TDC regarding issues related to electronic component solutions.

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