Precision machining solutions in nanotechnology

Here is some precision machining solutions in the field of nanotechnology provided by TDC (TDC Co., Ltd.).

What is nanotechnology

“Nanotechnology” is a technology that can process and process in units of nm (nanometers), which is 1/1000 of 1 mm (millimeters), which is 1/1000 of 1 μm (micrometers).
It is an ultra-fine work that cannot be seen with the naked eye, and the processing requires even more precise processing than the precision processing that processes products on a microscale.Therefore, it is also called “ultra” precision machining.

In addition to nanoimprint mold parts and nanoprocessing equipment parts, it is also commonly used in high-performance display fields, and delicate parts used in electronic and medical equipment.

Application for nanotechnology

Semiconductors and optics are the main applications of nanotechnology.

In the semiconductor field, it is used for processing central processing units (CPUs), which are the heart of precision equipment such as PCs and related devices, and memory / IC parts (transistors, etc.).
In the optical field, it is also used to process the surface and shape of lenses used in cameras and sensors.

The familiar smartphones and PCs that we usually use are representative of devices that make extensive use of these nanotechnology.

TDC’s solution for Nanotechnology

TDC has developed a mold for nanoimprint as a nanotechnology solution.
Nanoimprint is a microfabrication technology that enables the transfer of patterns in units of tens of nanometers by embossing the original mold.
Nanoimprint can be processed not only on a flat surface but also on any shape and size.
We have revolutionized the nanoimprint industry by developing equipment and technologies that can handle the inner and outer diameters of rolls, which was previously impossible.

Commitment to nanotechnology solutions

In addition to having a high reputation for surface roughness, TDC has made it possible to perform precision processing on products that differ from the materials and shapes we have handled so far by creating the processing process in-house.
TDC has a wealth of knowledge and experience to create unique equipment and devices and realize things that were not possible before.
Please contact TDC for precision machining issues in nanotechnology.

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