Exhibition:MEMS Engineer Forum (MEF) 2023

TDC will be attending MEMS Engineer Forum (MEF) 2023 to be held at KFC Hall, Tokyo on April 19-20, 2023.

MEMS Engineer Forum (MEF) 2023
Date:April 19 (Wed.) – 20 (Thu.), 2023
Venue :KFC Hall, Tokyo


Join MEF and share your knowledge with excellent speakers, panelists, and registrants from all over the world.
MEMS Engineer Forum (MEF) 2023 will be held on April 19-20 at KFC Hall in Ryogoku, Tokyo.

MEF is a unique venue operated by engineers among the key players in the field, bringing together MEMS researchers, developers, and engineers from all over the world to look at the current state of MEMS technology, which is considered as key technologies of the 21st century, and the future of the technology through the next decade. The MEF has been held its start in 2009 and regularly 650 participants visit the two-day event each year.

The MEF has invited 19 speakers from the world’s top business management, researchers and technical managers in charge of advanced technology development, government policy makers, venture capitalists, etc.
The MEF will hold a technical exhibition concurrently with the lecture sessions.
The MEF will be a forum for engineers to share their unique perspectives and skills in the basic technologies of MEMS and adjacent fields to create new forms and fuse them together. Our mission is to verify the process of fusion and its completion on an international level.

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