Mirror-finishing for plastic/acrylic resin

This page introduces TDC’s mirror polishing process for plastic/acrylic resins.

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Mirror polishing for plastic/acrylic resin

Although plastic/acrylic resin is less hard than other materials such as metal, it has viscosity and elasticity, is not easily broken, and is easy to process. For this reason, they are used in a variety of applications, such as for display displays, aquariums, windows, and watch windshields.

On the other hand, it is also susceptible to fine scratches, so there are many situations where a smooth/mirror finish is applied using organic solvents, burners, or abrasive film methods (construction methods).

TDC’s mirror polishing technology for plastic/acrylic resin

Acrylic is sometimes used in place of glass because of its high transparency and light weight. However, it is soft and easily swayed, making it difficult to achieve precision.

TDC’s unique processing methods and know-how enable us to perform high-precision mirror polishing of acrylic resin and various plastics.

Because we can process without any sagging, we provide not only mirror finish with a Ra of 1 nm or less, but also thickness control and thinning processing on a micron basis.

In addition, we can handle not only plates, but also rolls and shafts of various shapes, including inner and outer diameters, convexities and concavoconvexities.

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Cases of TDC’s mirror polishing for plastic/acrylic resin

Acrylic Resin Mirror-finished Globe

3D printed resin mirrored globe

This is a polished globe made of acrylic UV curable resin. Originally, it was crumbly and frosted, but with TDC’s mirror finish, the pattern is now clearly visible.

Material Acrylic UV curable resin

Surface Roughness Ra10 nm or less

Size φ40

Film molding dies, nanoimprinting dies, etc.

Camera covers for underwater photography

We have a request from a TV station to polish camera covers for underwater filming. Acrylic is often used as a substitute for glass because it is a strong material that is impact-resistant and can withstand water pressure, and has extremely high transparency.

Feel free to contact TDC for mirror polishing for plastic/acrylic resin

TDC is capable of mirror polishing of all types of plastic and acrylic resins, thanks to our processing know-how and accumulated polishing processing technologies that are suited to each material. Please feel free to contact us and we provide the best solution.

Feel free to contact us for any inquires.