annoucement of moving and temporarily close of TDC’s Tokyo branch sales office.

We’d like to express deepest sympathy to whom are suffered by corona virus. We really appreciate to who are working hard for medical care of corona virus patients.

Today I’d like you to be informed about moving and temporarily close of TDC’s branch sales office in Tokyo.
TDC’s Tokyo sales office is located very center of Tokyo. It is very convenient place to access customers from our office. But our staff needed to commute by a ultra-super-crowded train every morning. It is very common in Japan going to work by such a crowded train.
We started remote work from home on 20 Feb due to prevent spreading of corona virus and found that working from home is very efficient. Our staff realized that they can focus their ability for customers instead of survival from crushing in a packed train.

We decided to move our office to suburb area.
We will continue remote work from home for a while because Japan’s government advice us to work in home. It’s not yet decided when, but when after corona calm down, we will open new office in Chiba prefecture.

Email address of Alisa is not changed. Please feel free to contact us anytime.