TDC's precision machining

TDC’s precision machining

Precision machining is indispensable in all fields where the utmost precision machining is required. We have established the one-of-a-kind technology cultivated over many years in polishing, grinding, and cutting and we have been dedicated in high-precision manufacturing as a leading company.

What is Precision Machining

What is Precision Machining

Precision machining is a process that removes excess, raw material from a work-piece, while holding close tolerance finishes, to create a finished product, which relies on computerized machine tools to achieve demanding tolerances and create complex geometric cuts with a high degree of repeatability and accuracy. The precision machining has many types, including cutting, milling, turning, electrical discharge machining, lapping and polishing.

TDC’s Precision Machining Works

TDC provides precision machining such as cutting, grinding, and polishing/lapping. We can achieve precision in the manometer, not only surface roughness Ra1nm but also other required preciseness such as Parallelism 100nm, Flatness 30nm, tolerance +/-100 nm, Angle +/- 3 sec, Roundness 50nm.



At TDC, we use ultra-precision lapping/polishing to achieve multiple geometric tolerances such as flatness, parallelism, dimensional tolerance, surface roughness, and squareness at the same time in the nano-order. In addition to lapping and polishing machines, this process is performed using special equipment and jigs and tools developed in-house. Our products are used for semiconductor manufacturing equipment parts and optical parts that require the ultimate in high precision.



TDC specializes not only in precision polishing but also in precision machining such as “cutting”, “grinding” and “shaping”. We have a variety of machining centers, milling machines, and other processing equipment. In addition to cutting processes such as drilling and drilling, we can also cut out materials such as test pieces and substrates with high precision. We can also combine cutting and polishing to achieve even higher precision



Grinding is the process after cutting, such as turning and milling and TDC offers the service such as surface plate manufacturing, surface plate maintenance, and profile cutting. We are capable of processing up to large-size grinders (600 x 1500), which enable highly efficient and high-precision manufacturing. We produce high-precision products by combining cutting and polishing processes.

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TDC’s Precision Machining Product Cases

By using TDC’s precision machining technology you can achieve accuracy at a new level. Our precise machining provides high quality such as roughness Ra1nm, Flatness 30nm, Parallelism 100nm, tolerance +/-100nm and others.

Not only flat items like a usual machining company, but we have special polishing tools for wide variety of shapes.

Micro size Cube

Micro size Cube

We have precision machined surface by surface to manufacture this super small cube. There are three sizes by the request of our customer. Each length is 150 micro meters, 100 micro meters and the smallest cube is 50 micro meters. You can see from the picture that every edge is sharp with no burr. This item was used for a specific filter to check which size particle goes through it. This time the material was micro grain carbide, but we can also provide it with different materials. Also, we can manufacture tiny cubes like this in different sizes that are required.

Diamond polishing

“Diamond polishing” is our newly developed technology; damage- free highly efficient plasma-assisted polishing of a 20 mm square large mosaic single crystal diamond substrate. Diamond substrates are expected to be used as a next generation power devices, but hard to provide with flat and smooth surface because of it’s difficult- to machine material. By our plasma-assisted polishing these problems will get solved. This new precision machining technology is expected to provide diamond substrates in low cost and stable supply.

Item that has un-flat surfaces

Item that have un-flat surfaces

Since we are a precise machining company, we own many different types of lapping / polishing machines to solve client’s needs. Mainly we use normal machines for flat items, but sometimes we use our own-made hand lapping machines for items with un-flat surfaces. We have so many original special equipment for small items, curved items and any other shape to achieve the accuracy required.

We also created machines for a specific shape of item such as long foils and roll surfaces. Flexible response to each item is a strength of TDC.

Measurement data

Measurment data

We can not only polish items to a mirror surface but also can control and achieve high level tolerance, parallelism, angle and flatness. This is a date of flatness from a disk. This data has the same scale from before polishing and You can see the flatness improved by TDC’s precision machining,
All accuracy are checked by reliable measuring machines. We use different measuring machines that depending on the measurement content, and the data will be send to customers.

Reflection mirror manufacturing

We have manufactured a tapered block item to be used as a reflection mirror by our precision machining. The tapered surface was requiring very high accuracy such as Flatness<100nm, Tolerance +/-5nm and Ra<1nm. We started by discussing what material to use for achieving the accuracy and also meets the application. We created a specialized tool (jig) so the surface can be sharp and flat to the very edge with no burrs. During the process we turn over the item many times and polish each surface to control the flatness and tolerance. Also, we checked the data often and adjust the machine bit by bit to achieve the required accuracy.

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